Health & Safety

An on site safe working enviroment takes input and training

We do both.

On Site Services Offered
We can offer the following on-site services:-
Pipe prepping/beveling /cutting
Torque tightening
Flange facing
Stud removal
Portable thread machining
Stress relieving heat treatment
Oval facing
Drilling and reaming

Power Industry

Installation and maintenance of large structures within the power production industry is one of your strong points and we have dedicated teams for this exact purpose. We have many examples of our work throughout the UK.

International - Worldwide Support

A dedicated world operations team can design, construct and deliver your full or part of your engineering construction to specific datelines. Coupled with our design technicians, our expert welders and fabricators can meet your specification requirements and deliver on time.

Our core international business is normally dominated by power generation maintenance and construction and these have included countries such as Spain, Malaysia and the Middle East, where parts are built in our factory and shipped in sections to be constructed on site.

Apart from power generation engineering we have been involved in heavy and light industrial engineering, including a varied number of other works including pipework and building steel fabrication (Building framework). This also includes a large project for the Ministry of Defence on the Ascension Islands. Water purification tanks were built from the MOD’s specifications and shipped to the Island. See above picture.

Projects of these magnitudes are a true indicator of our abilities to deliver our high standards of engineering excellence. Large projects are headed by team mangers and they liaise between designers and clients and our production teams and specialist welders produce steel constructions of outstanding quality.

We have an active worldwide asset management program wherein we can offer full or sub contract services to enhance the productivity and useful lifespan of your asset. Our expertise allows minimum downtime during asset support.

UKAS Registered

A UKAS Registered Company

We have achieved and maintain Lloyds Register standards with both UKAS Management Production Systems [BS EN 1090] and welding certification combined with Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015
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