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As specialist Arc and Gas welders we can perform work on Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals either in our South Wales workshop or on site anywhere in the UK, Europe and the World

Excel Power Construction

Providing   Support to Heavy & Light  Industry Sectors

Specialist Welding

Our many years of expertise means our staff are use to working in the power and chemical industries where it is essential for the correct procedures to be identified and applied in high temperature and highly corrosive situations.

These welding techniques use the following:

* MMA - Manual Metal Arc Welding

* TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

* MIG - Metal Inert Gas Welding 

UKAS Registered

A UKAS Registered Company

We have achieved and maintain Lloyds Register standards with both UKAS Management Production Systems [BS EN 1090] and welding certification combined with Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015
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Types of Welding

We carry out the following types of welding techniques:

Carbon Steel Welding

Cast Steel Welding

Aluminium Welding

Bronze Welding

Stainless Steel Welding

The latter covering high corrosion resistant welding, low temperature welding and high temperature welding for highly corrosive welding industrial use.

High Temperature Welding

For High temperature boiler pipes, tubes etc we offer specialist high intensity pressure part welding as follows:
9% Chrome Welding
2 1/4% Chrome and Molybdenum Welding

High anti corrosive welding

Duplex Welding - Anti Corrosive
Inconel Welding - Anti Corrosive Resistance

Carbon Steel | Cast Steel | Aluminium | Bronze | Stainless Steel 304 |
Stainless Steel 316 | 2.5% Chrome + 0.5% Molybdenum |
9% Chrome | Duplex Welding | Inconel Welding