Post welding stress relief heat treatment is an essential process to ensure the removal of stress corrosion cracking (SCC), caused by internal or residual stresses near welds. These can make the areas brittle and susceptable to fracture

Proven Technical Expertise - 

Excel Power Construction have proven systems and technical expertise to ensure metals are able to be heated to high temperatures, as in the case of pipework, so that they can be welded after which controlled cooling using thermal couples is required. All stages of the process require careful temperature monitoring and adjustment.

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Stress Relief Process

Careful heating and subsequent uniform cooling is essential, and here at Excel Power Construction, we have years of hands on experience and with the use of thermal blankets, and constant precise temperature monitoring (via thermal coupling), this is achieved to exacting standards.

Where chrome molybdenum steels usually need stress relieving in the 675 to 700°C temperature range it is essential in all cases that a full understanding of the alloying system and previous heat treatment is taken in to consideration prior to commencement of work.

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UKAS Registered

A UKAS Registered Company

We have achieved and maintain Lloyds Register standards with both UKAS Management Production Systems [BS EN 1090] and welding certification combined with Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015
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Pressure Parts

One of Excel Power Constructions forte is pressure parts. We have many years of experience carrying out fabrication and repairs to a variety of high pressure parts and equipment.
Our experienced staff use their extensive range of expertise to ensure continual support is given, which is essential in a highly pressurised system.
Health and safety procedures are followed strictly to reduce the risk of injury to personnel

Pressure Parts Completed
Below are some examples of pressure part works we have carried out :-
Superheater elements
Economizer elements (Tubular coils)
Boiler tubes & Heat exchangers
Steam generating pipe systems
H.P. Heater coils
De-aerators & Steam Headers
Pressure vessel design and manufacture
Tank testing to EEMUA 157
Pressure testing